Scream and Leap
The seed for Destiny�s Forge was planted when I read Donald Kingsbury�s Man-Kzin Wars novella Survivor. >>
The Evolotion of the Kzinti
Larry Niven's story The Warriors introduces the Kzinti. It was one of the first stories he ever published, and in the introduction... >>
Designing Aliens
Destiny's Forge introduces a new alien species to the Known Space universe, the Whrloo. >>
Navigating Known Space
The Milky Way is a bustling city of four hundred billion stars a hundred thousand lightyears across. >>
The War Starts in -3404 Days

Cover Story:
Stephen Hickman

On the Wars:
Toni Weisskopf

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     Chapter 2  
     Chapter 3  
     Chapter 4  
     Chapter 5  


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